#2 – Manifest your dreams into reality…

Hawaiian system of Prosperity, Love and Wisdom

“Only a month after your course and my mum has been offered a promotion two pay scales higher and £7k more! AND more people are viewing our house for sale! I’ve got much more confidence with myself, and congratulated myself on getting this far, and future can only get better. My dad has gone down a clothes size and his new found health and outlook is very impressive. Thank you again for your time and guidance.’ Lydia Johnson, Audiologist.

Because you easily master how to::

• Manifest more abundance more easily
• Create your own prosperity
• Let go of your blocks to manifesting and money
• Discover the ancient Hawaiian Manifesting ‘system’!
• Learn how to ‘pray’ for goals effectively
• Get rid of your ‘scarcity consciousness’
• Become a wealth ‘magnet’
• Discover how to incubate your dream
• Discover how only you can interpret your dreams accurately
• Reinforce what you learned at Foundation Workshop
• Be given MORE powerful Hawaiian energy symbols – Attunement Level 2 (akin to Reiki 3+)
• Connect with the powerful elements of your magical and spiritual inner nature.
• Learn ‘new’ life skills that have been proven over thousands of years
• Discover more information about your real self , full manual provided.“The course helps you appreciate & evaluate what matters in your life. I would highly recommend it. Helps you chill & look at both personal & business issues in a new light”. Eric Appleby, MD, Premier Leasing Options Ltd.”Excellent course which has again increased my understanding of e and life and everything, and I am now more aware of myself and my purpose. Very motivational and inspiring, excellent value for money.”
HR professional”Excellent Hawaiian dream interpretation and Hawaiian energy attunement. Very good course, truly enlightening.” Sara Hayselden, Reiki Master, Sports masseuse

“Fun weekend, can’t wait for the next one! Definitely recommend it. Learnt a lot and very enjoyable.” Dave Slater, Civil Servant and Opera Tenor.

“Amazing, fabulous, outstanding course. Excellent trainer. Amazing insightful beautiful soulful and great to understand my life purpose after the dream work.” Mary Curtis, psychic healer, homeopath, hypnotherapist.

So call Gary Plunkett now on 07766 604226, or message on fB, or email gary@garyplunkett.com for more information or to secure your place and take another step on your personal journey because places are strictly limited to ensure you receive all the attention you deserve.

Special offer for early booking: save significant discount by booking and paying early for a whole weekend of poweful teachings

Discover Timeless Hawaiian ‘ALOHA’ – System of Prosperity, Love & Wisdom:

Aloha nui loa, I look forward to welcoming you on the next step of your spiritual evolution..
Aloha Gary

3 Responses to “#2 – Manifest your dreams into reality…”

  1. Rachel valentine Says:

    I have recently received an email from Rayleigh floatation centre advising me that you are presenting your course there shortly. I read the details with great interest but with regret I have a work commitment the whole weekend which will prevent me from being able to attend, would you please tell me will you be making another appearance in Essex before March 2013 at Sheila Steptoes soul evening as I am keen to catch your course. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Aloha Gary Says:

      Aloha Rachel,

      alas we have no other plans to visit Essex at this time. Of course something may crop up, but it will not be until March-April time at the earliest, unless you wish to help organise something by asking your friends… that is how this one came about…

      However we are running this same workshop in Bracknell 3-4 November (and others further north) if you can make that?

      love and aloha blessings

  2. Gary Plunkett Says:

    aloha Rachel!

    in addition to Sheila’s event on 5th March, I will be offering a weekend workshop in Rayleigh on 20-21 April, hope you can make it!

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