Gary’s Spiritual Reading & Viewing List

 I am often asked what do I recommend, and the answer is that ‘it depends’ upon where you are on your path and what resonates with you. Because although I paths have crossed here, does not mean that my path is for you, or vice versa, although it can be for now.

And Daily Spiritual Practice is superior to reading, although sometimes I find books can explain things to me that my inner guides do not, and vice versa of course!

So here is a VERY brief list – post a reply with your questions:

Hawaiian Huna

 Serge Kahili King –“Huna”, “Urban Shaman”

Sondra Ray – “Pele’s Wish

Charlotte Berney – “Hawaiian Mysticism”

Pila of Hawaii – “The secrets and mysteries of Hawaii”

David Bray and Douglas Low – “The Kahuna Religion of Hawaii”

Laura Yardley – “The Heart of Huna”

Max Freedom Long – “What Jesus taught in Secret”,

Lemuria & Atlantis

Col James Churchward – “The Lost Continent of Mu”


Manifesting Abundance 

 DVD – “The Secret”

DVD – “What the Bleep do we know?”

Napoleon Hill – “Think and Grow Rich”

Diana Cooper – “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”

Dion Fortune – “The Cosmic Doctrine”

On Health:

Caitlin Matthews – “Psychic Protection”

DVD – “The Living Matrix”

Dr Bruce Lipton – “The Biology of Belief”

Louise Hay – “You can heal your life”

Lise Bourbeau – You’re body’s telling you to ‘Love yourself’

Barbara Ann Brennan – “Hands of Light”


‘Celtic’ Spirituality

 John Matthews “The Sidhe”

John O’Donohue – “Anam Cara”

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