The Deeper Meaning of ‘ALOHA’

According to my teacher’s teacher, Daddy Bray was one of the last wisdom keepers of Hawai’i.

He taught that there is a deeper teaching to the word Aloha which is so well known.

Many Hawaiians speak of the ‘spirit of aloha’ without elaborating on what this actually means, although anyone who visits is impressed with how laid back Hawaiians are.

Daddy Bray explained that aloha is actually an acronym A.L.O.H.A. with the following meanings…

A – ala, ao ‘ala’

Watchful alertness, to look around. Where are you? Do you connect? Do you know who you are? For example, when you go to a new place, take a few moments to connect with the land and say ‘Hi’. Simple but powerful teachings: know where you are, know where you come from, and know where you are going. (Implications of hakalau) ‘ao’ Of the light. Not just the light we all see but also the spiritual light behind the light, at an unseen level. Has heart and soul. Are you able to stand in the light? Ho’o ao – to make light.

L – lokahi To unite, to become one with yourself. Inner and outer Harmony.

Ho’o hui – to come together. To align all of the islands inside of you. Be congruent and focused. No inner conflicts. Oneness, with self first and then with others. Brings in feelings of Pono – to make it right, be comfortable with yourself in your own skin.

O – oiaio Truthful honesty.

Do you tell yourself the absolute truth? Io – the truth. Ku-ka to talk. Do you walk your walk or merely talk your talk? Do you live your talk 24/7, with no time off for good behaviour? Are you true to yourself and others? to your own beliefs? do you enforce your boundaries? do you stand up for yourself? Listen to yourself when you’re teaching. We all teach what we need to learn ourselves. Sometimes the truth can be blunt.

H – ha’a ha’a Humbleness.

Not humility enforced, or being humiliated, or about lowering yourself. Its about learning there is more to learn, always. Be humbling to yourself. Be a student. Learn from others how to help them. Know who you are. Don’t judge yourself as being more or less spiritual than others. Be who you truly are.

A – aho niu, aloha Patient perseverance.

Be pono with who you are. Take time to get to know the path. A seed planted in good (pono) earth will become a tree and give off more seeds.

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