What Next?

What would YOU like me to post about?

There are many possibilities:

by origin, for example:

Hawaiian Huna/Aloha

Celtic Ancestral Shamanism


Atlantis and Lemuria

Or by topic




Healing methods


OR…..what would you like to read about, NOW is your moment of power so now is the very best time to post a comment/question, you can add others later if you wish…

3 Responses to “What Next?”

  1. Debra Says:

    Hi Gary
    Loved reading your blogs and was very taken with the Ho’oponopono. So much so I purchased the book Zero limits and read it in a day.I started with saying the “mantra” last night and have continued it today. One reason for doing it is that I have elevated bp and I haven’t found anything yet that will bring it down and keep it down (still on the fence in regards to medication.) I know it is stress related but don’t recognise what the stressors are. I was hoping that this might assist. When I got home from work this afternoon I found that my bp was much higher than normal. Do you think if continuing this it would help?

    • Aloha Gary Says:

      Aloha Debra,

      the important thing is paying attention to how you do the technique – go back to post 1 and read through the whole series. make sure you put your attention where the problem is, get in tune or in touch with your inner self, your subconscious mind, and ‘ask’ it to put your attention on the ROOT CAUSE of the high blood pressure. then ask your inner self what number (0-10) you are at, and keep going until it goes down to zero. do no stop at 1 or 0.5, really important to get to zero.
      THEN, ask your inner self if there are other ROOT CAUSES, and work through each one. This may take a few evenings, but compared to a heart attack, is time well spent!!
      follow the instructions exactly, in my experience it always lowers the number eventually, keep going to zero. Hope that helps you Debra?
      let me know how you get on

      • Debra Says:

        Aloha and thank you so much Gary. I guess I have just been saying the “mantra” randomly so will go back to the start and follow the instructions better. Cheers!

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