Words of the White Buffalo


Words of the White Buffalo, witnessed by Gary Plunkett, Kona, Hawaii 14th September 2006

 “There are many paths with many outcomes and ALL lead to the light.

 For the impatient, there is patience, for conflict there is the path of peace, for sadness there is joy, and for fear, there is love.

 The path of peace and the path of love are one and the same. The specifics matter not. Whatever you choose will be perfect and lead you to your highest perfection. Love yourself and others will love you. Be yourself and others will love to be with you, to connect with your authentic spirit, and all will be as it should be for you.

Trust yourself and all will trust you. The world is not as it seems – you create your reality, allow your light to shine to the full and trust all will be well. Judge not lest ye be judged. Look for unity, feel the connection, the oneness, hear the joy in children’s laughter. Pay attention to your projections onto others, how are you holding them back? Are you seeing them as ‘less than’? Let them go and be free to become the magnificent human beings they truly are.

‘I love my enemies yet I hate what they do’ said Ghandi. He was not always a master. He began, like you and I, at the beginning, with a true heart and growing awareness that all was not as it could be. Clear your perceptions of others being less then they truly are. Then find those attributes within yourself, and clear those today. When we say ‘clear’ we mean forgive yourself, connect to the deepest centre of the bad feeling and then just release it to spirit/the universe/the divine/the goddess/god or whatever words work best for you.

 Be grateful for everything. Love everything, even those things you would normally ignore. Start small and build. Love yourself, love the light in your heart and your purest soul. Love your connection to the divine. Love the beauty in nature. Love your cat, your dog, your child. Love the inner beauty in yourself. Love is more powerful than fear. A vast darkness changes to light with only one flame. Be that flame. Shine

Remember. You ARE the light. You are never less than. What other people do is just what other people do. What you do with that you own. Play games where everyone wins. The more joy, trust and love for yourself you have, the more others will give you. Like attracts like. Be strong like the Buffalo and look out for the weaker members, or the less positive or the hard to get on with. They know not what they do. Telling them your projections on them is unlikely to help them and will create separation between you. Ask the light how to maintain the peace as you progress. See the light in the people you are perceiving negatively. The people you are not pono (right) with are simply the spiritual teachers you have not recognised yet.

Everything teaches, you have to allow your inner wisdom to bring out the deeper teaching within you. Use dream interpretation or a metaphor symbol book to decipher your own dreams.

Amama. Aloha nui loa. So mote it be. Love and light to all.

Aloha = Love in the now

3 Responses to “Words of the White Buffalo”

  1. Louise Says:

    Absolutely Love the words of White Buffalo…….totally timeless……..feels so good and so inspiring as I read them……..feels like ‘Truth’. Really helps to put all into perspective! Great Blessings to all! Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) X X x

  2. Aloha Gary Says:

    thank you Louise, you are most kind. May I ask how did you find this blog?
    we’ve now got a new page on facebook at…
    http://www.facebook.com/ukhuna – please join if you havent already! 😉

    mahalo! x

  3. Mel Ward Says:

    Fantastic Gary, keep the stream flowing……………
    Much Love and Many Blessings
    Mel & Giggles xxx

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