The Inner Meaning of ‘Hawaii’


I hope you are well and full of Aloha!?

Today I have a fun story for you, which may even be true, with a powerful teaching held within it, and like all good stories, it’s not quite what you may have expected!

The story goes that when Captain Cook discovered the islands of Hawaii, he wanted to know that they were called, and sent a sailor and guide to find out.

They rowed ashore and asked the first person they met, ‘where do you live?’

‘I live in Hawaii’ answered the islander, and went on his way.

The sailor rowed back to tell Captain Cook, and they sailed to the next island, and off the sailor and guide rowed once more, and found another islander.

‘Where do you live?’ he asked once more, notebook at the ready.

‘I live in Hawaii’ said the man. ‘But the man in the other island said he lived in Hawaii!’ said the sailor. ‘Yes said the man, he would, we all do’ and off he walked.

So the sailor rowed back to Captain Cook, he duly noted in his Captain’s Log ‘island called Hawaii’.

And this scene was repeated on each of the 8 main islands, so Captain Cook concluded that the name for the  group of islands was ‘Hawaii’ and thus they have remained so ever since!

But is that right? What was it that the islanders really meant?

You can find the inner meanings of Hawaiian words by studying the component parts, so let’s look at Hawaii, or for our purposes…Ha-wai-i

So ‘Ha’ means breath, and as I teach on all workshops, the breath is the foundation for all learning and spiritual teachings, because the Hawaiians say that ‘humans are what happens between the in-breath and the out-breath’!

Take a moment to contemplate that profound teaching. Maybe even do a few ‘Ha’ breaths to calm yourself to relaxed alertness? In the west we pay very little attention to our breath, and yet it is fundamental to your life, isn’t it?

‘Wai’ mostly means water, and in many spiritual teachings, it is implied as the ‘water of life’, and being ‘in the flow’, so in this case wai can mean ‘life’.

‘i’ means supreme.

So I live in Ha-wai-i, means ‘I live on the Supreme Breath of Life’

Which means that Hawaii is a place inside of you, not just beautiful and deeply spiritual islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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Mahalo, thank you for reading



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