Ho’oponopono and more…Hawaiian proverb…

What’s it all about anyway, this life thing?

Hawaiian Proverb:  If something increases your life force energy, do more of it. If something decreases your life force energy, do less of it.
Do more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t! Seems simple enough. So why don’t we?

Perhaps unconscious levels of Fear? Mostly fear holds us back from living our full life purpose, based on the very many therapy and coaching clients I’ve worked with. And not far behind are also anger, guilt, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of self-belief, sadness, and other negative emotions and ‘limiting beliefs’ – beliefs we were given when younger that hold us back. For example, a common one is fear of public speaking because we were told as a child to ‘sit still and be quiet’ or ‘don’t make a spectacle of yourself’!

So what can you do about it? Sit comfortably and relax, and use this simple technique… and remember that practice makes progress…

What limiting thoughts come into your head when you think about improving your life and making changes? What nagging doubts arise? and who gave you those doubts? a well-meaning parent? or maybe a teacher?

Close your eyes and allow your inner self, your unconscious mind, to bring up an image of the very first time you were given that negative message. And notice who it was, and say to them, ‘thank you for your idea, I no longer need it’ and give it them back. Bow and walk away. Notice how much lighter you feel? great isn’t it!? so what other beliefs are lurking in there? Take a few moments to work through all those that come up. You may find that as you clear one, more arise. That is normal, just keep going. Or make a list and take 10 minutes each day to work through a few, and notice how life begins to change, a little at first, and then gradually bigger things…. Exciting isnt it, thinking about new possibilities for your life!

Most people have many of these, so the more you clear, the easier life becomes. Good hunting!

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love and aloha


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