Ho’oponopono and more… proverbs to live by…

As I mentioned previously, the amount of Chill in your life is down to where you put your attention…

And I admit that this post my follow on quite closely from my previous post on Theory v Practice!

As the famous occultist Dion Fortune is reported to have constantly told her students: ‘an ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory’.
And the same is true of regular spiritual practice.

I have been privileged to be taught by very high integrity spiritual teachers, and was once at a celtic ancestral shamanic event with the renowned teachers and authors, Caitlin Matthews and Bob Stewart.
Bob explained his regular daily practice, and most days he says, he does it, and not very much seems to happen. And the next day not very much happens. And then, after many days, some amazing things happen, amazing enlightening insights and gifts are received, over a period of days, sometimes weeks, giving him inspirations for new projects, and then these peter out and he is back to not very much seeming to happen. But without the regular practice these insights would not, indeed could not come.

As both he and Caitlin stated very vehemently, there is no ‘advanced’ spirituality, only those who have continued their regular practice.
I appreciate that this kind of message is not always popular, as learning enlightening teachings feels fabulous. But it is only when we take these teachings by heart and adopt them, do they become useful to us to live our lives by.
One of the top NLP teachers, Robert Dilts, repeatedly teaches ‘knowledge is only a rumour until it is in the muscle’.
Self-discipline is so important that it features within the deeper teachings of ALOHA.
A – aho niu, aloha Patient perseverance.
Be pono (right, balanced) with who you are. Take time to get to know the path. A seed planted in good (pono) earth will become a tree and give off more seeds.
We also find that sometimes there is the concept of ‘divine timing’. If there is no such thing as coincidence then everything happens when it does for a reason. Sometimes we can understand it, and other times we cant.
It is easy to become impatient, which reminds me of the story that to be a successful gardener, we must not plant our seeds and then dig them up every day to see how they are doing!
So where in your life can you usefully apply more self-discipline, patience and perseverence?

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love and aloha

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