Aloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more…Part 2 How to get the most out of ‘4 statements Ho’oponopono’

Ahuena Heiau far in the backgroundAloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more…Part 2

How to get the most out of ‘4 statements Ho’oponopono’

Or put another way… how to make “4 statements ho’oponopono” work well, which is simplicity itself!

I’ve called it “4 statement ho’oponopono” because there is so much more to the full ceremony of “Hawaiian ho’oponopono”, which will be more fully explained in Part 3. I will focus just on this narrow aspect of the 4 statements and how to use them.

I will cover how / why this works later but for now let us focus on what you have to do to make it work for you…

1) Decide what you want to be different, so let’s say we want London rioting to stop and peace to return

2) Focus on the part of you inside that is the rioters outside. It is important that you are focusing INSIDE yourself. You can only change yourself; therefore ask your inner creativity to focus attention on what it is inside of you that is the rioters outside.

NB Do not translate this into something else such as ‘the part of me that is angry’ stick to the original words – rioter and/or looter – remember the importance of words from Part 1?

3) Once you have connected to the part of you inside that is that which you want to change, then repeat the 4 statements….

Personally I find it helps to speak them out loud, because all of your body is then involved – your mouth moves, and you draw breath through the lungs, which for me makes it more powerful, although I know Hew Len says it doesn’t matter.

Repeat these statements in any order…

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

Remember the person you are saying sorry to is…yourself…the you that is the rioter (not your own inner rioter)

The person you are forgiving is…yourself

The person you are loving is…yourself

The person you are thanking is…yourself

Repeat for as long as feels necessary…I usually do so for about 5-10 minutes. For extra techniques to enhance this look out for Part 5, although they are not necessary. All you need is the 4 statements.

Often people report that at some point something changes in the feelings ‘inside’, although this is not always the case. If you are working on a personal issue then it can help to rate it before and after, which allows you to know that something has changed within.

Do NOT add in any extra statements to the 4 originals.

I recently saw a blog which added in “I forgive you”.

This is plain wrong and cannot work. I forgive the writer  for wasting their own time and those of their readers.

This implies that the person outside of you is part of the problem.

The whole point of the process is that YOU and only YOU are 100% responsible for your world, and that you are the creator in your world. The more you tune in and believe that, the more these techniques will work for you.

Some ask “and what about other people, don’t they affect my world too?” Well you can choose to believe that, but the more you pay attention to that, the more you back out and give yourself excuses for not being responsible for your world.

For example, if you get run over by a bus, you choose to be there at that time.

Do wars and famines around the world or world poverty bother you? Well you chose to live in the world right now.

If you give your attention to these and they ‘bug’ you, then you need to take responsibility and ‘clean’ up your inner self that is creating these things in your world.

The principle we are enacting is that our world is created by our memories, and that by ‘cleaning’ on these (that is, using the process above), we are able to let go of these memories and be in the present moment and in a place of choice, rather than being dictated to by our memories, beliefs etc (More of this in Part 4 – Self Identity through Ho’oponopono™).

Clearing the memories takes you to a place of zero memories – this is why the book these 4 statements come from is called “Zero Limits” by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len and Joe Vitale.

If you have not yet bought this book then please do so immediately and read it cover to cover, if only to ‘give back’ in gratitude to those who have given this to you. In practice you will learn a huge amount more. A good friend has read it 18 times and says it is the most inspirational book she has ever come across!

(Extra tip: If you ‘take’ and use ideas and techniques from others, without ‘giving’ in return then you block your energy flow, and make abundance harder to come by for yourself.)

So the point is we change others by changing ourselves, as per Dr Len’s story, that he helped heal inmates at a mental asylum for the criminally insane by working on: HIMSELF!! Which leads us neatly on to the origins of Ho’oponopono…

Coming to you in Next week’s Blog: Part 3 – How to take 100% responsibility using Ho’oponopono

Malama pono. In love and humbleness, All truths are my teachers, all mis-takes are my own.

Mahalo nui loa

Thank you for reading

Aloha Gary

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9 Responses to “Aloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more…Part 2 How to get the most out of ‘4 statements Ho’oponopono’”

  1. Padma Prem Says:

    Aloha Gary,

    I hope you don’t mind me writing you asking some clarification about this post.

    On point 2 you said: “Focus on the part of you inside that is the rioters outside”.

    I’ve this situation: my neighbours “collect” animals. They’ve dozens of cats, chickens and dogs.
    Now these seven dogs bark constantly.
    Their “owners” are never at home; they work the whole day then go out by night and weekends and often go on holidays, above all they free them only in the back garden for ten minutes every evening (they keep them in a stables), they never walk them. My intuition says that they feel abandoned and in a sort of prison.

    We live in a very quiet area where there is no traffic or other situations that could possibly make them constantly howl.
    Now, after years of anger, stress and blame I’ve decided to do Ho’oponopono.
    How can I focus on the part of me inside that is the barking dog outside?!?

    Also, could you clarify a bit more this, please: “the you that is the rioter (not your own inner rioter)”?

    Thank you!

    I’m looking forward to hear from you.

    With Love


  2. Pat Says:


    Everywhere it is said the Dr Len focused on his feelings while he was working on the inmates at the mental hospital (everything he felt inside himself while he was reading their files: anger, shame, blame, etc.) but you said to not focus on the part of us that is angry.
    Can you explain why, please?

    Many thanks.


  3. Aloha Gary Says:

    Aloha Pat,

    thank you for your comment – great question, thank you for the opportunity to clarify…
    My aim is for you to focus on the ‘rioter’ which includes ALL of your feelings, not just the anger, so when you repeat the mantra, you clear everything, not just one part.
    Also, your conscious mind has a tendency to get in the way with labels, such as ‘anger’ when your feelings may be much more complex and intertwined than that.
    So for example, today I helped a lady who was having issues with her son. I could have asked her what emotion she was feeling and worked through that, and then the next and so on.
    Instead I asked her to focus on her feelings that came up when she focused on the issue, and we worked down from 10 to zero using the mantra as many times as it took to get to zero.
    Then I asked her if she was clear, and she said another bad feeling came up, and we worked through that.
    At no time did I ask her to name her feelings. Giving feelings labels allows the conscious mind to get in the way.
    I hope this clarifies?


  4. Aloha Gary Says:

    Aloha Padma,

    thank you, good question.

    first of all, see my reply to Pat above.

    You ask: “How can I focus on the part of me inside that is the barking dog outside?!?”

    So close your eyes, and imagine the dogs barking, whatever you feel at that point is your feelings that equate to the dogs barking. Focus your attention right there inside you, and repeat the mantra until you get to zero.
    I find it is helpful to ‘score it’ first, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is really major and 1 is minor, that way you can be aware you are making progress.

    Use your intuition or inner self to ‘guess’ the number, do not ask your conscious mind, it does not do feelings, that is the job of the unconscious, where the problem lies.

    If you are working on a big thing, that rates a 10, it may take you an hour or more to get down to zero.

    It is REALLY important to keep going until you get down to zero. Do not stop at ‘a little bit’ or 0.1 – keep going until you are at zero 0.0.

    Also, call the RSPCA / ASPCA or whatever animal group look out for animals where you are, they may be able to help the animals be given to more responsible owners, or train the owners to look after the animals.

    I hope this helps?


  5. Padma Prem Says:

    Thank you Gary,

    is much more clear now.
    Just a little clarification.

    Since I cannot ask my conscious mind when I get to 0, I guess is more a guessing or better a “feeling” better, calmer and detached like the problem is not a problem any longer…?

    I’ve tried and yes I must say that after a while it gets down and I start seen things from a different point of view: like a dog is a dog and therefore barks, I feel that they are sad and feel abandoned therefore they cry, their owners think they are good people because they have so many animals, etc.
    But after a while my anger and frustration and the expectation that this is going to be for the rest of my life got back and prevail; I got up this morning dreading the day and the fact that the good season will be awful (I have a big garden which I will hate because I cannot stay outdoor because of them!).
    By the way, while I’m writing to you I’m silently repeating the four phrases… they keep on barking and I keep on suffering, but I clean…

    Thank you for reading me and for your reply.

    With Love


    Ps: I’ve already contacted the Council and another environmental group but he is a rich and powerful man in this area so nobody has been bothered to do anything.

  6. Aloha Gary Says:

    Aloha Padma,

    Yes it can feel a little bit like ‘guessing’, only you are not guessing, you are using your inner intuition, which is very powerful. Trust it.

    Step #1 is to get to Zero. Then work through each thing that comes up and get those to zero too. Keep going until ALL are at zero.

    so from what you say…
    get to zero on barking noise
    then get to zero on how your are guessing the dogs feelings,
    then get to zero on how you perceive the owners thinking
    then get to zero on ‘rest of my life’
    then get to zero on ‘dreading the day
    then get to zero on ‘I will hate my garden…’
    then get to zero on ‘I keep on suffering…’
    then get to zero on ‘he is powerful (with the implication you are not)
    then get to zero on whatever else comes up until you feel calm and at peace no matter what happens.

    this will take some time as you have created a long list of negative thoughts over time, which you now need to clear here…. Keep going. The situation has taken a while to get to this, it may take a while to subside too. Keep going.


    PS and as I mentioned before, contact the RSPCA.
    They dont take any nonsense from anyone no matter how much money they have, they put the welfare of the animals first and have deep pockets for prosecuting, even when councils won’t.
    Councils don’t do much without prodding. Keep ringing and importantly, write to them too, and write and go to see your councillors. enlist neighbour’s help. You are only powerless if you choose to be. Action makes change happen.

  7. Maya Says:

    Aloha Gary!

    This is one of the best description on how to work with Ho’oponopono!

    Do you mind if I ask you a little clarification?

    1) How do you do it? You seat there with your eyes closed and repeat the mantra until the moment you get to zero? Is it a sort of meditation, you try to not to think to anything else while you repeat the mantra?

    2) I’ve read somewhere that you can teach Ho’oponopono to animals, plants and any other so called inanimate object?
    May I ask you how? Would it be possible, in Padma’s case, to teach Ho’oponopono to her neighbors’ dogs?



  8. Aloha Gary Says:

    Aloha Maya!

    thank you. That is why I wrote it because I kept seeing so many people talk about it wrongly. I attended a course on this before the Zero Limits book came out, and I can only repeat what is in the public domain in the book.

    (NB there are many ways to do ho’oponopono – the Dr Len way is not recognised in Hawaii, it is not traditional, however in my experience, it does work and achieve what it sets out to.)

    1 – No it is NOT a meditation, it is a MANTRA – You must FOCUS on the feeling of the issue, and clear it down to zero, as above by repeating the 4 statements out loud, again and again until you get to zero. Please re-read this blog post and all the others so you have the full story.

    2 – no that is wrong, I don’t know where you heard that. The whole point of this technique is that it is all about YOU. Everything outside of you is your projection.

    …and also everything outside of you is alive and sentient, but that is a whole different teaching.

    You are the one with the issues, you do the work, just like the book says. Have you read Zero Limits? If not buy it or get it from your library.

    Hope that helps

    • Maya Says:

      Aloha Gary,

      Yes, I’ve read the book and also watched all the Zero Limit videos where Dr Len often says that you don’t need to do anything but repeating the mantra, even just “I love you” will suffice…
      He says that there is no need to focus on anything, no need to feel anything, nor to know when you are clear or anything else, just keep on repeating 24/7 for the rest of your life.

      That’s the reason why I asked, because you said that you must go down to zero (sounds a bit like in EFT) and focus on your feelings, etc.

      Also, he says that there is no need to say out loud (?)

      I’ve read about teaching Ho’oponopono to animals and plants from people who have been studying with him and teach Ho’oponopono…

      I think is very confusing: in the book it says he was the Moornah beloved pupil and that he is a kind of guru who can talk to spirits etc.
      On many Huna websites they warn to avoid him and openly accuse him to be just a parasite who distorted everything and created new techniques (like the Cleaning Tools, the Ceeport gadgets, etc.) just for fame and money, hence the reason he collaborated with Joe Vitale and Mabel Katz.

      I think one of the reason why people like him and his way (included me) is the simplicity: no need to learn/study anything, no need to understand, just repeat four simple phrases and the rest is just your mind and its rubbish! lol

      I am sorry if my questions have annoyed you, I do apologize.

      Yes, I’ve read all your posts and I will keep on reading.

      Thank you Gary!

      Maya x

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