Aloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more…Part 3 – Taking 100% responsibility for myself using Ho’oponopono

Traditional hand-painted kihe and hand-plaited sacred ti leavesAloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more…Part 3

Taking 100% responsibility for myself using Ho’oponopono

I would like to thank my facebook buddy, Ellen Dyb Wedeld, for inspiring me to write this article. After reading Part 2  she wrote:

“Thank you Gary, you’re doing great!  I know the tricky part for many people is the concept of taking 100% responsibility, it’s a natural reflex to be asking…”but how can I be responsible for the people who get sick? …and what about  all the terror and hunger and turmoil in the world…” etc. I find it helps to think the universe is IN me, and I know it exists only through my perception – through my senses, and how I perceive it depends on the programming/memories that go back all the way to the beginning of creation…and when I don’t feel anything’s outside of me, it makes it easy to clean.

So here we are, what does it mean to take 100% responsibility, and how can I do that when I have been brought up to blame, (and even sue) people who make mistakes?

To be honest I see a lot of people getting caught up in the ‘taking 100% responsibility’ aspect of the technique, because up to now, most people have only been taught about ‘the blame game’ and they equate the two, because we have been taught that if something goes wrong someone is to blame and then we sue them!!

So the first thing I would say to you is this, if all of this is too confusing, simply ‘fake it til you make it’ – which is to say do the technique as outlined in part 2, and pretend that you are responsible for everything out there, such as the rioters or looters, or whatever it is that you want to ‘clean’. And what you will find is gradually, you will readjust to this new way of thinking. Now for those who want a head explanation, here are some words, and the important thing is your heart ‘gets it’! Happy reading…

Nothing could be further from the intention of ho’oponopono, than blame – the purpose is to empower you. And what would be the most powerful you could be? How about that you are responsible for the whole universe? Wow! You are powerful then aren’t you? Because let’s face it when you watch TV news and get upset about famine in Africa, or get angry about riots in London or war in the Middle East, then you have already started to take responsibility by getting emotionally involved haven’t you?

So let’s be really simple about this – if something is bugging you right now, then you are responsible for your feelings aren’t you? After all, who else can be responsible for your feelings but you?

But in general we are not taught this. I once heard a radio interview with a thug who said ‘he looked at me funny so I had to hit him’!!

This guy has given his power away to everyone who merely looks at him! How disempowering is that?

So where are you giving away your power right now? What emotional ‘buttons’ or triggers do you have? And when did you install them?

For most people, that would be their parents or guardians, learned behaviours from early home or school. When you  have an emotion or feeling, who does it belong to really?

Perhaps you have been ‘borrowing’ that anger or anxiety from someone like your father or mother? Close your eyes and imagine the young you saying to the person, ‘thank you for the loan of your …anger…(or whatever), I no longer need that, I give you it back thank you’, and go ahead and imagine giving them a basket with that emotion in it, and notice how you feel different inside, maybe a feeling of relief or something else.

I know this is a simple technique, but go on try it right now, before moving on, go on, it can only work.

We are not taught about empowerment in schools, in fact there are those who think that schools are actually designed to disempower you and make you conform to someone else’s opinions and agenda.

And also the media, who have their own agenda, firstly to make money for themselves, and then to make money for their advertisers so they can all stay in business. So when you see something on TV just ask yourself some questions:

–          How do I know this is true?

–          Who is benefiting from this

–          What is the most empowering response to this image for me’ – you may be surprised by the answer you give yourself!

The Hawaiians have already thought about empowerment. In fact they have spent centuries working out what is the best way to empower yourself.

The Hawaiians recognised the importance of what we would now call mental health and psychology and emotional intelligence, and created a way of being they code-named A.L.O.H.A. which contains all kind of wisdom and techniques, and as you can tell by the way I’ve written it, aloha is an acronym, with secret meanings known to only a few wise men, who wrote nothing down, but passed on everything orally, from teacher to student, and if you stick with us here, you will learn it too, as I was privileged to do so in Hawaii.

Ancient Hawaiian Ho’omana is more well known name for this, and is all about empowerment, in fact we already have met ho’o, meaning to make, and mana means ‘life force energy’. So ho’omana is literally to make life force energy. Wouldn’t you like some more life force energy to de-stress you and make your body and mind feel more energised and more alive?

This has also been called Huna, which means secret, but not as in psst let me tell you a secret, more like a secret hidden in plain view that not everyone notices or understands until they have reached a level of learning and experience that can make sense of these new concepts at a heart level. It has been said that magic is just a level of technology that nobody understands.

Imagine being transported back 60 years and trying to explain mobile phones, computers or even the internet to the people back then, most of whom didn’t even have a TV or a telephone? These would seem like magic to the people back then.

And it is the same for us now, we who have always been brought up with a Western mindset (begun by the ancient Romans and Greeks), focusing on logic and science, rather than feelings and connections to our own innate natural energies that these techniques help you to notice. There is a whole host of amazing ancient Hawaiian wisdom ‘technology’ that can be easily learned and this will be covered in a lot more detail in Part 5 of this series for you to look out for – How are Ho’oponpono and Huna linked and what else is there for me to learn?

As my great friend and teacher Dave Udy puts it : “ What other people do is just what other people do. What you do with that, you own”.

Or to put another way, other people are just doing the best they can with the inner resources they have available, some people have energy and are bright and clever and get over things quickly. Other folks are tired, stressed, not thinking straight, and they get stuck focusing on things in the past or worrying about what might come. And we have all been there from time to time.

So perhaps it can be more empowering to not get so involved in other people’s stuff? If some idiot cuts you up while you are driving, who does it serve to get angry once the moment is past? They probably do not even know you exist as you silently fume about it, and then you want to probably vent and let off steam with all your friends, and you have just upset the harmony and balance of your friends too by passing on your anger.

Would it not be more empowering for you to merely think, ‘oh, there is someone who needs to take more care’ and let the whole thing slide over you? Then if you take responsibility for having your car where the other driver wanted to be, and ‘clean’ on the whole situation, the other driver and you, you will likely find that you will have fewer and fewer such incidents.

Because there are always at least three sides to every story, your version, the other guys version, and what actually happened

So if you do not take responsibility for the rest of the world, you have to wait for the rest of the world to take action, and frankly you may have a long wait.

If you are feeling undervalued at work, you can stomp and moan about it, or you can develop a self-marketing strategy to get yourself noticed by those who make the decisions to give you a raise or a promotion. Or you can test the market by applying for other jobs where you will be more valued.

And first of all, you can clean on it using ho’oponopono. Because when you clean, what changes, is you! Maybe your perception changes, or you release some block at an unconscious level that you didn’t even know you had.

Let me give a personal example. When I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland I had not  learned any of these things I am sharing with you now. In fact, I had been brought up in a conflict oriented world, and this inner anger was going on inside of me, and I had a belief that the world was full of conflict.

In fact my main hobby at the time was military history and I would watch every war film and documentary and news item on TV, which reinforced my beliefs. When I went out to the local pubs, there seemed to be a fight every night!

Fortunately a wisdom teacher told me ‘no Gary, the conflict is all inside of you, not outside’. I was stunned, how could this be? And naturally I didn’t believe them. But after working on myself, the pubs and places I went to were perfectly normal and peaceful, if a little rough, but there were no fights!

What changed? Did the pubs and people in them change, or was it me? Perhaps somehow, my inner conflict energy was affecting the people in the places I went to and I was actually causing the fights! Imagine if that were true? And what if it were true for you too? What could you do if you could change your life like that? How would you like your life to be? That is the huge thing about the Ho’oponopono and Huna wisdom teachings that I share, they are totally amazing, and your life can be too if you choose to learn them with me.

So the point is we change others by changing ourselves, as per Dr Len’s story, that he helped heal inmates at a mental asylum for the criminally insane by working on: HIMSELF!! Which leads us neatly on to the origins of Ho’oponopono…

Next: Part 4 – Deeper secrets of the origins of Hawaiian Ho’oponopono

Malama pono. In love and humbleness, All truths are my teachers, all mis-takes are my own.

Mahalo nui loa

Thank you for reading

Aloha Gary

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