Aloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more… Part 6 – Ho’oponopono guide to Hawaiian abundance manifesting

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Aloha Gary’s guide to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing and much more…

Part 6 – Ho’oponopono guide to Hawaiian abundance manifesting

This note was inspired by a question sent to me on email from a new member of the facebook page for UK Ho’oponopono, Huna and Aloha:

The questioner asked: ‘surely the divine knows what is best for me, so why should I set goals or direction?’

This is such a brilliant question, because it allows me to bring a number of Hawaiian concepts to help explain more about your inner nature, which is nothing like the understanding of the world that we are given at school or in the media. Anyone would think there was a deliberate attempt to suppress your true, full, wonderful human nature!

Well the best way to know the future is to create it yourself, and you are here on the planet to do just that.

The Hawaiians say you have 3 selves – the ‘Aumakua, which is similar to Jung’s Higher Conscious Mind, the Uhane, the Conscious waking mind, and the Unihipili or subconscious mind. Each mind has a different role.

Our Higher Self is the divine within, which in some traditions, like Christianity is known as the ‘holy spirit’ or guardian spirit. It is this which knows what is ‘best’ for your Soul.

But the role of your conscious mind, your personality, is to be the decider, and to choose which paths to go down. However, what the Soul wants for your personality, personal growth, comes with learnings, and this is what we as personalities on earth call ‘stuff’ or life issues that we have to live through and grow spiritually from.

Sometimes it is easy to think that our life issues only happen to us, but actually they happen to just about everyone, and it is our ability to cope and thrive through these lessons, that builds us into stronger more resilient, positive human beings.

Our Higher Self knows our life purpose (and most people are already living their life purpose they simply do not always recognise it, because we have this idea that a life purpose has to be something grand and outside of ourselves, like saving the whales, or being and eco-warrior – this is the ego talking.

More often our life purpose is to learn how to be a good mother, or father, or to make a good marriage, or tend the garden. Or be a teacher, or the life and soul of the office, or work in local communities doing, what to the ego is a small thing, but to the universe is a massive thing, bringing love to ourselves and those around us.

So the Higher Self is the source of our inspiration, which is why in my workshops we pay so much attention to connecting your conscious directly to your higher self and subconscious self all together as one, so that the conscious can direct, which is its job, but be inspired by the Higher Self.

So the ‘process’ is to be inspired with purpose by the Higher Self, and to seek mastery of that purpose, ie, improve your self, by planning and thinking (the conscious self’s role) and creating positive habits of energy and actions towards this purpose (the subconscous self’s role) in the material world, holding onto the vision from the Higher Self.

To begin step 1 is write down your vision from your inspiration, or Higher Self and claim it – you communicate to the divine through your higher self, and you communicate with your higher self through your unconscious, so until you embody what you wish by being able to remember and visulaise it with positive passion in detail, then it will be harder to manifest.

The divine will help you with what you want, it can be $1 or $1m it doesnt matter, you must feel it with energy and passion and it will come. if it is just a wish or a nice to have it will not…

There is a special Hawaiian Prayer, to create energy for your Vision, to add power to this. I have seen it described as the Ha-Rite, but mostly it is incorrectly described, again this is a key part of the what I share, and is best experienced rather than described in words, which are an inadequate substitute.

So if you can create a vision board with pictures that will help. Better still is to draw it with all your own energy, even if you do not think of yourself as an artist. A stick man drawn by you, is better than someone else’s pictures, but make very sure the pictures are exactly what you want, because the unconscious takes things literally, when it passes your picture to the Divine via the Higher Self.

Also your unconscious may be running other programmes that sabotage your dreams, with limiting beliefs, so some people have a fear or failure, others have fear of success, which is much more common! so we subconsciously hold beliefs, eg, that money is evil, or ‘people like us dont succeed’ etc – these are often installed in early childhood by the family or friends or school, often without realising it.

This is why the Hawaiians spent so much time clearing old beliefs, and we can do the same through the many Huna methods, including Ho’oponopono, both traditional, and through the Huna guided visualisation which is on my Hawaiian Chill Out CD, and also the ‘4 statements’ version from Dr Len’s Self-Identity through Ho’oponopono .

So I hope you are now eagerly anticipating our next Aloha Gary’s Guide – Part 7 – More Hawaiian methods to Discover the real you by changing the parts you don’t like!

Malama pono. In love and humbleness, All truths are my teachers, all mis-takes are my own.

Mahalo nui loa

Thank you for reading

Aloha Gary

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