Aloha Gary’s guide to ho’oponopono, huna and other hawaiian healings… Part 7 – Ho’oponopono and the Hawaiian ‘law of attraction’

Aloha Gary’s guide to ho’oponopono, huna and other hawaiian healings…

Part 7 – Ho’oponopono and the Hawaiian ‘law of attraction’

I just received an interesting question from my previous post about this and felt it may be helpful to you for me to elaborate more…

“Hi Gary  when we seek prosperity or riches in health, wealth and well-being is there a fine line within our personal and spiritual growth that this will only give us joy happiness etc and that we have to understand it is more than prosperity or riches in health, wealth and well-being? Reason I ask is that when we see post like this people will believe that this will make them happy? Do you think or believe sharing or serving with others spiritual prosperity etc is what they seek more than the material side?”Here’s what I wrote…Good question.

Happiness is a choice we can make every second of the day. Most people think of happiness as a feeling, which in jargon terms we call an ’emotional state’ – and yet this state changes every 30 seconds, so every 30 seconds you have a choice, shall I be happy or not?

What I discovered is that I and most people have not thought about the difference between in-the-moment happiness, and what it takes to feel inner contentedness, which is a much deeper long term attitude to life.

This is probably why so many choices are made focusing on short term happy, versus long term contentedness, which inevitably do not always work because what is happy now (eg, get drunk) is not contented long term (eg hangover, money spent, and possibly things said and done while drunk!).

Or perhaps eat cake now for short term happy, but get fat which is long term unhappy! I’m sure you know what you do?

A lot of people (including me!) have built up a chunk of inner rules or beliefs, along the lines of: I will be happy when…

I will be happy when I get a new job

I will be happy when I get a new partner

I will be happy when …..

and by such actions we are constantly putting off our ability to be happy in the moment…

If you give yourself such rules your inner self (unconscious mind) will follow these rules and not release your happy emotion to you.

Therefore it is crucially important to cleanse and clear all these rules or ’emotional baggage’ as some people call it.This is what my hawaiian workshops give people: the chance to make changes to their rules and beliefs to allow them to release ‘happy’ from its prison.Every single person has ‘events’ in their life, but its what you do about it that decides how your life turns out.

Let us simplify this…

As author of chicken soup for the soul Jack Canfield puts it:


in other words…

(life) Events+ (your) Response=Outcome (results)

It is not just what happens to you that defines you and makes the difference in your life,  it is what you decide and do about it that has the biggest impact!

When I first began looking for something better and ways to change/improve myself to find this elusive ‘happy’ I went on many courses and workshops in interpersonal skills, personal development and more, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (I am a certified trainer of NLP), clean language, EFT, reiki, shamanism and a whole lot more. In fact I  recently made a list and found I know over 200 different techniques for releasing old patterns, emotions, past events, soul retrievals, and stepping into the future to bring more power and life vitality.

I knew that what I wanted was to find the most powerful techniques available that I could learn and use quickly to help me to change myself. And when I found such release and happiness myself, through using them, I wondered why no one else seemed to be aware that such a quick and easy change could be possible, and why this was not taught in western schools?

Then I realised that part of the reason is that a big chunk of what I learned I had found in Hawaii which not many people get to visit!

Further more, at that time, there were very few teachers who taught this outside of Hawaii, and very few books. Alas this is still the case, which is why I have dedicated myself to bringing these teachings to as many people as I can, especially in the UK and Europe, (although I’m always happy to share anywhere there is big enough group who want to learn and listen).

What’s more my aim is not just to share wisdom, but to find ways to ensure those who come to me as students or clients, go away with enough learnings on the inside that they are able to lead a different life, either a little bit different or a lot, as you choose.

These hawaiian techniques (including, but not limited to ho’oponopono) are probably THE most powerful collection of techniques I have found so far, for creating personal change and well being for those who realise it is time to let go and move on.

The ‘law of attraction’ is always working, which means if you believe the world is bad it will be, and if you believe the world is good it will be! So as soon as you ditch the baggage, new and better stuff comes along. Although I am using the common phrase ‘Law of Attraction’  here, this is something Hawaiians have been doing for years. They call it ‘Pule‘ and the meaning may surprise you, as it means prayer!

There is a reason EVERY religion and spirituality includes prayer, it’s because prayer works! Or at least it does if you do it right.

Unfortunately, for some reason the major religions have forgotten how to do this properly, and IMHO over-piety and over-humbleness have caused people to put themselves below deity instead of on a par, and we are taught to feel ‘not worthy’ when we pray. If you feel bad while you pray you will manifest bad stuff. Period. This is simple law of attraction, what you focus on you manifest.

What I teach in my Hawaiian manifesting workshops is:

a) how manifesting/law of attraction works 100% of the time for you

b) you self assess where your focus is: good/bad?

c) we help you create a new focus for yourselfd) how to pray properlye) how to manifest a life of your choosing

Note: letting go of old/bad stuff is the focus for Workshop1 ” De-stress and chill out using ho’oponopono and Huna”workshop2 “Hawaiian Manifesting” also sometimes called ‘how to get to hawaii’ because so many want to go but dont believe they can…until now!

Malama pono. In love and humbleness, All truths are my teachers, all mis-takes are my own.

Mahalo nui loa

Thank you for reading

Aloha Gary

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3 Responses to “Aloha Gary’s guide to ho’oponopono, huna and other hawaiian healings… Part 7 – Ho’oponopono and the Hawaiian ‘law of attraction’”

  1. Pearl Garff Says:

    Beautiful Energy writing and communicating my beloved Gary. You and your work are impeccable. I am so grateful to have experienced you in person and taken your amazing Chill Out coarse. Thank you! Munay ki, Miss Pearl (Pearl MIlner Wagstaff-Garff, SLC, UT USA) P.S. I was happy to see you give permission “to be reproduced in FULL or part, ONLY if it includes the above weblinks otherwise please contact author at ….to make appropriate arrangements. THIS “permission” is necessary in our New World of sharing Thought and Research. XOXOX

  2. Pearl Garff Says:

    Gary..You know that I adore the impeccability of your wonderful research and protocols. Thank you for always listening with the eyes of your heart: a Shamanic Modality! Since we worked in SLC, UT, I have been engaging many of the techniques you taught me. The most powerful are the Four Elements symbolized in the Huna breathe and used to Open Sacred Space and Call Upon Divine Attendence to your Intention. I capitalize because it’s the Words of God that we speak of. I call this Action : Hula Huna and now open space this way in complete unification with Source : Omnicient, Omni-Present, All Pervading Mother Father Archetype : GOD. Just sitting here speaking of this to you, I feel a Presence of Divine Beauty manifest in my space. This is my prayer and when I focus on an intention – allowing myself to open and flow with Light – I am doing my dance. My personal prayers are given substance and Energy more magnified than when I normalize and notice things in natural order. PRAYER or INTENT moves Energy. Munay ki, beloved and Be Blessed with LOVE ! Always, Miss Pearl (Pearl Milner Wagstaff-Garff, B.S. ed, M.A. NLP, Mother and director of Spirit Dancing in the Body..a shamanic theatre of the integrated arts therapies, pranic and psychic healing. 801-502-8302

    • Aloha Gary Says:

      Mahalo, thank you Pearl, most kind lovely lady. May you always dance to the rhythm of your drum beat 🙂
      love and aloha

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