Clean Erase Erase back to Port (ie your home self)

(Morrnah taught ho’oponopono to Hew Len!!)

Divine Creator, father, mother, child as one, please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts of MONEY,

Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being from its origin to the present.

Humbly humbly we ask you all for forgiveness for all our fears, errors, resentments, guilt, offences, blocks, attachments we have created and accepted from the beginning of creation to the present.

Let divine intelligence include all pertinent information knowingly or unknowingly have omitted.

Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with divine light.

Come through all generations of time and eternity.

Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin,
through divine will through to the present. Filled with light and truth.

Divine Creator’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions.

Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and event which contributed to this, these feelings thoughts and actions

IT IS DONE          IT IS DONE          IT IS DONE


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4 Responses to “ONE OF MORNNAH SIMEONA’S PRAYERS re: money”

  1. mariacarbonell Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer!

  2. Aloha Gary Says:

    you are most welcome Maria,
    love and aloha

  3. Vera Aida Bastos Barreto Says:

    Beautiful prayer. I will pray it every day.

  4. Alain Says:

    The prayer is so beautiful. But I want to if is this the prayer that I can do to get money? Because I’m in a serious need of money. Thanks.

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