Aloha Gary’s guide to ho’oponopono, huna and Hawaiian healing wisdom… Part 8 – DREAM YOUR REALITY INTO BEING…

…with Hawaiian Dream Interpretation!!!

…is part of the Dreaming your life into Reality Workshop… part 2 of our 4 part Foundation Series

Have you ever wondered what those very strange images or mysterious thoughts you wake up with are all about? Or perhaps you’ve struggled with one of those dream symbol books and given up in disgust?

Some people seem to effortlessly just know or intuit what their dreams are about, but what about the rest of us? As in many areas of life, the Hawaiians strive to make everything as simple as possible, and their techniques for dream interpretation are no different.

From a Hawaiian perspective, our dreams come from our inner selves, the Unihipili, akin to Jung’s Unconscious mind, and must be translated so the Uhane or conscious mind can understand them, and then the really good part, sometimes there is a Higher message from your everlasting soul, your ‘Aumakua, or Higher Self, who wants to let you know something really important.

Here is an example of one of my own dreams – I have skipped the explanation of how we derive these so you can get to the results more easily…

Monday’s dream: A blonde Scotswoman is pretending to be an American in the Speakeasy bar she owns in German occupied Europe. She also owns a big public gardens or park. Both are fronts for escape lines for escaped PoWs and others (eg the persecuted, such as jews). We talk of Spain and Portugal, and then France and Germany. Escape. And Blighty (Britain).

This first (unconscious mind meaning) translates to the following messages

notice the beauty all around
recognise the illusion for what it is
find fun and joy – this is the purpose of life
There is a gateway opening, so enjoy the journey of awakening
leave behind boxed in thinking
all of life is a risk, the risk of doing nothing leading to no change or growth
there will be difficulties to overcome, be open minded to recognise the learnings
breakthrough life’s challenges
reach the next level – feel safe

As you can see – the powerful inner messages from the dream are nothing like most people using dream symbol books would get from this dream! The Hawaiian method is very powerful in helping you to get in touch with your both your inner self and higher self and to create a stronger rapport… which also strengthens your intuition too… and leads to stronger guidance from your higher self. Powerful! And so simple!

From these first messages we then sense/intuit the overall context of the dream – in other words, what is this about?

Dream context/topic: Growth (of soul) – fertility, fecund, expansion, hints of planting seeds (for self and others)

We then translate again from the unconscious meaning, this time within this context of Growth…
this is where the really deep stuff lies!

Higher Self’s meaning:

Enjoy life each day
Practice – journeying and meditation
Enjoy the journey
Allow fun
Open Heart – new learning – new way of being
Joy – be content and happy
Open to spirit
Change – transformation – new you
Learnings – resilience, strength, perseverance

We then pay attention to these strong deep messages to discover the overal message and what action steps we can now take. Without the action steps, dreams are merely of academic curiosity – it is only when you take action that you move forward… sometimes from a very powerful message, the action step can seem a little mundane.

Also note that when I share these teachings in class, the watching students often have a ‘so what?’ attitude, because the words the other person is using are not their own, but when you do it for yourself most people say ‘wow’ that was so powerful…

Overall message – trust that growth is happening (even if you can’t see it)

Next Action Step: be more organised and timely, learn the skills and technology of modern world.

So as you can see, a really deep message – you are ok, all is well, growth is happening, trust that things are going in the right direction… with a simple message, to knuckle down and take some actions towards making the new technologies work for you… and nothing to do with wars or any of the stuff which is the ‘mirage’ of the dream!!

You can also use this interpretation method to understand your ‘normal’ life and find out the meaning of every day or strange happenings in your life too! Go for it!


So if you would like to learn how to use Dream Interpretation to strengthen your connections with your inner and higher selves, why not come along to one of my ‘Manifest your dreams’ workshops, which is part 2 of 4 ‘foundation’ level practical skill based workshops, designed to equip you with very powerful yet simple life skills to move yourself forward and stand in your power. Or empowerment as it is sometimes called.

Malama pono. In love and humbleness, All truths are my teachers, all mis-takes are my own.
Mahalo nui loa
Thank you for reading
Aloha Gary
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