HOW DOES HO’OPONOPONO HELP CHILL OUT & DE-STRESS IN PRACTICE? hear the students in their own words…

28-29th July 2012 –  Hawaiian Foundation workshop 1 (of 4) – Bracknell

I am now feeling much lighter, I have shifted loads. I learnt more than I expected to and techniques which are easy to use every day. Really shifted some old stuff and feel transformed. Also met some lovely people with whom I’ll keep in touch.If you want to learn easy techniques to shift old stuff, increase intuition and take away plenty of things to use in everyday life this weekend is for you. Thank you so much, mahalo!Mary-Jane Sharratt, Homeopath.

I learnt in one weekend what some courses teach you in weeks. I wanted to de-stress and de-clutter my mind, and my mind now feels relaxed and unlcuttered. I intend to follow through in my home and my life. Helen Spendlove, Marketing.

I was empowered by my first experience of this course and wanted to do it again. The weekend was calming, energising and mind clearing. I would definitely recommend it. Excellent trainer. Gary is very experienced in getting to the bottom (unconscious mind) to open you up to your possibilities of healing and helping yourself. Lesley Dale, Holistic therapist.

I now feel more tuned in on my spiritual journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I would like to come on more. Recommended. Excellent value for money. I have done lots of other courses like aromatherapy, reiki, etc and I feel like was leading the way to more spiritual things like today. I feel exhilarated by some of the exercises. Sue Hodges, payroll administrator.

Weird. The most amazing experiences. Excellent workshop. A great meeting of those who want more from this life and willing to help each other. I found the healing processes very spiritual and uplifting, especially as our outcome was so great with the correct teaching. I have learnt the power within and to protect my energy.The most amazing way to spend a weekend with others who are like minded and wanting to change their life for the great good! Catherine McDaid, payroll assistant.

I feel happier and more relaxed. It was a good workshop where I learnt new things and was reminded of things I knew but had forgotten. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to people who are serious about energy and empowerment healing of self and environment.It was a unique experience of Hawaiian practices, shamanism, healing and others, which integrated really well and was enjoyable. Dhriti Mehra, IT Consultant, homeopath, and shamanic counsellor.

Chill out and De-stress 100% achieved! Excellent course. All the techniques and meditations were very simple but very effective, definitely worth giving the course a try. I came again because of  my positive experiences on the previous course. Jozef Rajcany, Health Care Asst.

Weird and excellent! I wanted to find tools I can take with me for the epilepsy I’d been carrying around for years. The ‘multi-player’ ho’oponopono was very powerful. Using these exercises with others has more effect. The energy awareness sessions have real impact. Hitesh Daudia – Spiritual Entrepreneur

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5 Responses to “HOW DOES HO’OPONOPONO HELP CHILL OUT & DE-STRESS IN PRACTICE? hear the students in their own words…”

  1. pearl milner wagstaff-garff Says:

    Aloha !!!! The “ha” breath work is extremely effective in de-stressing and coming into balance. I use it daily and ask others to try it too.
    Choosing to be centered, loving, understanding, hopeful, connected and appreciative is a LIFE GIVING ENERGY!
    Thank you again for your work in Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

  2. Aloha Gary Says:

    aloha Pearl!

    mahalo, thank you for your kind blessings, and I do love working with you in Utah, I hope I can be there for more very soon.
    love and joy to you and yours!

    love and aloha

  3. Julia Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for all your postings. I tried to send you a PM through Facebook but couldn’t get through. I’m wondering if you know of any groups which offer Ho’oponopono swops? For example, 10 minutes cleaning a day for a week? Many thanks for any ideas.
    Julia _/\_

    • Aloha Gary Says:

      aloha Julia,
      I’m afraid I have not heard of such a thing. Surely the whole point of this technique is to work on yourself, which is a lot more powerful than working for others as in this technique, even working ‘for’ others you are actually working on yourself at all times?
      love and aloha

      • Julia Says:

        Of course I agree that we are always working on ourselves. It is also well known that you can benefit other people enormously whilst working on yourself – look at the work of Dr Hew Len for example. I live in a relatively remote place and would be interested in sharing the joy of practising Ho’oponopono with others. I would love to hear of any forums where people can share their experiences. _/\_

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