#3 – Deepen your Hawaiian Soul connection

How to go deeper into your spiritual self …with Aloha!

Learn the deeper teachings behind Ho’oponopono, Huna and A.L.O.H.A.

“I wish I could bottle this feeling I have right now. It’s fantastic, I’ve not felt this relaxed or alive spiritually before. I loved the easy introduction to communing with my Higher Self” Liza Davies, Interior Designer.

Because you easily master how to::
• Enhance your ‘psychic’ awareness
• Learn how to see auras
• Receive High Level energy attunements
• Journey to your Higher Council
• Connect to your Higher Self
• Discover how the ‘magic’ works, the secret principles of Hawaiian prayer
• Learn to embody teachings and live them
• Speed up your Spiritual development
• Enhance your life force energy and raise your vibration
• Learn how to de-stress fast by letting go of old ‘stuff’ easily and privately
• Re-connect to Higher level spiritual teachings that have lain dormant within your DNA for generations
• Discover more information about your real self, e-manual provided.”Practical techniques with spiritual outcomes. Fascinating and interesting, definitely some surprising outcomes – notably fixing my broken arm!” Lesley Morrisey, CopywriterPresenter ‘Aloha Gary’ Plunkett has been sharing and teaching Hawaiian wisdom since 2003, learning directly from Hawaiian elders in his many visits to Hawaii. He is also a Certified NLP and business Trainer.

Big early booking discounts available: see schedule page for that for the full weekend of wonderfully uplifting and inspiring energies and fun humour. You’ll love it. Remember our no-risk no-quibble guarantee, if its not for you, just tell us at first lunchtime and we’ll give you your money back!

So call Gary now on: 07766 604226 or email gary@garyplunkett.com for more information and to secure your place and take another step on your personal journey because places are strictly limited to ensure you receive all the attention you deserve.

“Value beyond money. Very special event and the principles give me very good guidelines to follow, not just airy-fairy ‘principles’. I would definitely recommend this.. I am now better placed to stop running around being ‘very busy’. Time for me. Thank you so much.”
Di McKenzie, wise woman and PA.


What people like you say about our ALOHA workshops

Excellent workshop. I have received strong healing and learnt how to generate those energies for myself. Before this I had difficulty in finding a real link with spirit, which has now happened, unlike any other event in the last 10 or 20 years I have been on. Gary is there for everyone, knowledgeable and spiritually adept. Neil Ambrose, voluntary worker.

I have a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity. I feel more connected. These transformations were created through the practical exercises. I have benefited so much from this course in comparison to others I have been on. I had real physical experiences that have changed many areas of me on many levels. I feel very different, more able and equipped to face the future. Michelle Hargreaves, therapist.

I feel completely different from when I started the weekend, much more relaxed and focused, the big thing for me was letting go of anger and fear. I knew nothing about the course and I found it very helpful from a de-stress mental health point of view. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Excellent course and trainer.I didn’t have expectations I thought I would give it a go and I am so very happy that I did. Elaine Ahern, Photographer.

I feel I’ve cleared much space and feel whole and even more balanced and harmonious. Learnt more about healing – fabulous. Brill, Fab, Awesome, Amazing. The course was amazing. My intuition told me it would be great. It was better than anticipated. Will stay for years. Precious memories. Mary Curtis, Homeopath/reiki teacher/hypnotist/psychic

I felt calmer and more balanced. I learned and brought out the knowledge within me. Gary’s knowledge and facilitating helped tremendously to make it an effortless and enjoyable way to enhance my personal development. A wonderful way to connect with like-minded people. Would like to learn more! Julie Silver, Nutritionist, Manchester.

I feel like lots has happened in only 2 days! Didn’t know what to expect, and WOW very powerful energies and yet simple too. Wonderful workshop packed with amazing opportunities for big change. Gary very professional. Great to learn new stuff. I would definitely recommend it to others. Louise Edwards, holistic therapist and reiki teacher.

I gained an increased awareness of the unity and interaction between mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and in particular that thought precedes energy, constantly. It was extremely motivational and most inspirational in content and delivery. The Ho’omana’o technique alone would have justified the weekend. Thank you Gary for a most memorable experience. Jim Ward, Natural Therapist.

If you want to experience the spiritual/Higher Self that is yours already yet you haven’t so far connected then this is the course for you. Very moving, very enlightening. William Billing, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach.

This course was incredibly useful in helping me get in touch with my inner self and relax. I feel I have ditched a lot of unwanted baggage and gained some insight. Tony Morgan, Scientist.

The Higher Self connection was particularly wonderful. Very useful techniques which can be applied within other areas of my life. This ‘stuff’ clears the resistance of old patterning. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gary’s Huna course to anyone interested in getting closer to the foundations of the life truth that many of us are seeking. This course stands with the best I have ever done. Gary is generous with sharing his wisdom. John Barber. Healer-therapist.

I feel calmer and with more resolve, a greater sense of inner peace and feel more connected. Well structured, fun , new stuff, good content mixed with exercises which reinforced the instructions and I gained many new skills. Linda Hornsby, NLP Master Practitioner and acupressure therapist.

Inspired! Very enjoyable and very interesting. I am now well equipped to practise meditation. Very interesting. A good mix of listening, understanding through good explanations and practical work. Both motivational and inspirational. It tied in with the way of thinking I have gained over my years. Anita Woodward, yoga teacher.

I was at first somewhat sceptical, not knowing anything about Aloha Huna. A physical problem that had caused me great stress was relieved, literally within minutes, without any potions or pills of any type. Sounds far fetched possibly, but I assure anyone reading this it’s totally true. Eric Appleby, MD, car hire company.

Good coping and stress reduction techniques, I feel very much less stressed. Well paced, relaxed, flexible, good. Coming stressed and unhappy I’m leaving feeling better, confident and ready to act on my findings towards a better life. Cheers and thanks. Phil Spooner, Local Govt Officer.

So take action now to let yourself connect to your inner spirit at a whole deeper level and discover the love and life you deserve. Give me a call right now while you have this in your hand, I’d love to hear from you on 07766 604226 or email gary@garyplunkett.com for more info or to secure your See more

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