#4 – Elements and Principles of Hawaiian Healing

Discover powers you never knew you had!

Discover how you can create and send energy! sometimes over long distances!

Discover how to expand your consciousness and your conscious awareness, becoming deeply aware of your surroundings.

Discover new more empowering beliefs to help you live your life more easily and more smoothly.

Re-Discover the Wisdom of the Ancients… Ancient knowings, sometimes considered ‘secret’ but in plain view.

Learn to feel, create and flow: fire, air and water metaphysical energy, and not to mention earth and ‘spirit’ too!

Receive powerful Hawaiian Energy Attunements to allow you to change your own and other’s reality: sending balancing and healing energy.

Learn the principles of energy healing and ‘psychic’ abilities, including very importantly, the basics of psychic or energy protection.

Learn how to expand your psychic abilities and develop your intuition.

Discover the principles of what in history had been called ‘magic’, ‘energy work’, ‘prayer’, or even ‘spell-casting’.

Because we are covering principles, this workshop will be more discussion oriented than workshops 1-3 which are very heavy on practice and practical techniques. Although this workshop  will use techniques to demonstrate principles, we will be learning theories and how they operate in practice.

However it is important to understand how and why these techniques work to enable you to get the most benefit from them.

Follow up/CPD

There will be follow up practice and ‘night learning’ and reading arising from this workshop leading to part #5, which is only open to those who have done Parts #1-4.

It is recommended that you undertake at least one of parts #1-3 before coming on this workshop to get the most out of it.

If you wish to know more then please discuss with Gary.

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