About Us

Aloha and welcome to my Blog!

I hope that this will become a useful source of all kinds of useful information of both Hawaiian, Celtic and other traditions that help to serve humanity, by allowing you to empower yourself more easily.

A ohe pau ko ike i kau halau – think not all wisdom is in your school – Hawaiian Proverb

which means I do not have a monopoly on truth, so please feel free to contribute, and please be aware that not all of us share the same truth, so tolerance and acceptance of others’ viewpoints will be encouraged!

After suffering many of life’s traumas, ill health, unemployment, difficult relationship break ups, and death of loved ones, Gary began discovering many fast-acting techniques such as NLP, then Hawaiian Huna and Celtic Shamanism to help change himself into the person he wished to become, and to connect to his spirit and soul.

He discovered we store our traumas as memories and beliefs within our subconscious mind, and by working through these and changing them, we empower ourselves and make life much, much easier.

Gary will share these gentle, proven, timeless techniques to help you to make your life even more fulfilling and fun, for better health, better wealth, and better relationships, and to show that even the worst situations can have a silver lining, although it doesn’t always feel like that when you’re right in the middle of it!

Gary runs spiritual and personal development workshops to help you ditch the past, engage with the present, and step into your bright happy future, based on the ancient wisdom of Hawaii, and Celtic Ancestral Shamanism, and the modern skills of NLP, Clean Language and more.

After many visits to Hawaii training with Hawaiian elders, Gary is now a lineage holder, with permission to pass on these ancient sacred teachings, and has run dozens of Hawaiian Huna workshops in UK and a number of retreats in Hawaii since 2003. Gary trains in the Celtic-British path of wisdom too.

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