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The Green, The Blue, The Brown… new poetry for the vernal equinox

March 20, 2013

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The Green, The Blue, The Brown…                

© Gary Plunkett 20th March 2013

The livid earth
virile green
fertile and fecund
green hearts
green souls
bursts from the vital earth
energised and raw

vitality and joy
in every leaf
every branch
every young soul
springs forth eternal
as the white disperses
bringing forth green joy and laughter

the white melts to blue
blue pools eddy and flow
gurgling streams of vivid life
jellied spawns in muddy pools
gushing life force
rages the waterfall
all power and noise
meandering to a steady grace

trout a-fly catching
the blue flooding the arid plains
brown banished once more to green
stately and languid
wise salmon rush upstream
the blue scatters and widens
diving down to reach Father Sea
the Great Blue
infinite and beyond all comprehension…

comes the green, alive, active, joyous
being, searching upward for the red
the sun, the life giving force,
warmth on the skin
comforting, lustful, loving
lush depth, rousing passion

rutting madness
crashing, bashing, wild, carefree
sated in the stifling heat
loving deeply, madly,
deep ensoulling love

flowering stillness
bees buzz
flutterbys alight
stately sipping nectar
harsh light ever browning
languid summer
dry and hot
browns the earth
parched ochres

reds, yellows, browns
beautiful fall
beds of leaves
lush and thick brown

Cailleach comes
white once more
and then…

the Spring,
turns the year,
the vitality of life returns
we are whole once more…

Ho’oponopono and more… proverbs to live by…

February 28, 2012

Living a Chilled-Out de-stressed life happens because you choose it to, and that is down to the ‘rules’ or principles you choose to accept.

One of my favourite proverbs goes like this…
“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there always is!”

I’m not sure when I first became disillusioned with theory masquerading as truth, but my unconscious keeps reminding me of my university days, so that was probably where this began.

I went to study something called ‘Econometrics’ which is the study of economic theories and their supporting mathematical models and then assessing and testing these against available statistical evidence, to support theories of economic history and for forecasting the future economic growth, which is what the Treasury dept does in UK and US.
After several years learning all the techniques I was shocked to find that not only did none of the main theories stand up to the evidence, but that this was well known amongst economists, and their excuse was that the over-arching Treasury Model of the Economy ‘seemed to work most of the time’! And on this flimsy rationale, our governments base their entire economic policy!
Needless to say, when quizzed by politicians and asked to account for the recent collapse of the banking sector the treasury ‘expert’ stated ‘our economic models did not predict this situation’, in other words they don’t have a clue!!
Napoleon Hill, author of the 1937 classic ‘Think and grow rich’ exhorts us to always ask the question, especially of so-called experts – ‘how do you know that?’ and watch as many are unable to answer.
He cites as a good example of good behaviour, when he asked the time of someone they took out their watch and stated ‘ well according to this alleged timepiece, it is 12:15′, thus the man stated his source, and his level of confidence in that source.
So how reliable is the information you pay attention to? What are your sources and how do you know they are accurate?
When gaining information ask yourself, what does the provider of that information hope to gain from me, (including this blog by the way!)
And let me be up front because what I most hope to gain is that you find this a useful tip and by applying it in your life, you find your life is more de-stressed and chilled-out, and you are able to fulfil your full potential more easily, and that you will come by again, and invite your friends, to read the next exciting episode of this Chill Out Blog… and who knows maybe one day you may choose to reward me by investing in my Chill-Out CD or coming to say Aloha’ at a workshop or talk?
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love and aloha