Workshops – the Foundation ‘Programme’

Aloha to you!

and thank you for checking out our 2 day workshops, usually run at weekends, taking place around the UK and USA. If you can’t find a location that suits you then perhaps we can come to you?!

You can do these one at a time or book on to the whole programme for extra discounts as you prefer…

You can do these in any order as your intuition decides, or work through 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 as you prefer. Whilst these have been designed to run in a certain order, we recognise that spirit and your intuition know what works best for you… feel free to chat to Gary about your needs and requirements, we are always happy to help.

If you simply want to ‘dip your toe into the water’ then choose the workshop and location you prefer and then give Gary a call or email to book… very simple!!

The Foundation Programme…

Is a series of 4 weekend workshops designed to give you a deep insight into yourself and who you really are, stripping away the layers of old beliefs and negative emotions that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from standing in your power and becoming all that you came to the planet to become.

These are mostly timeless ancient proven techniques and wisdom, which build up over time to help you to step forward on your path with courage, strength,  endurance and love.

Although we use the word foundation, this in no sense means unpowerful. Having searched for many, many years to find ways to help me to clear my physical ailments, including asthma, allergies and hayfever, and to then discover my emotional baggage and unhelpful/limiting beliefs and to clear quickly and easily clear them, I can attest that these simple techniques are exceptionally powerful and will stand with any others on the planet I have found so far.

Where appropriate other ideas and concepts are used to help you understand how both you and the universe work, in order to help you achieve your outcomes.

This includes powerful modern techniques such as  Neuro Linguistic Programming (I am a Certified Trainer of NLP), Clean Language, Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, Healing Codes, and the modern version of Ho’oponopono invented by Hew Len, and popularised by Joe Vitale of the popular DVD, the Secret. Epigenetics, the science of changing your DNA, and Quantum Physics (NB the simple version) which demonstrates how the Ancients, have known for thousands of years, what we in the West are only now re-discovering through ‘science’, and its predecessor Natural Philosphy. I have studied many many other holistic healing modalities to varying degrees of expertise such as reiki, yoga, chi gung, and more, divination through Tarot, and keep returning to the simplicity and power of the Hawaiian wisdom keepers.

With these deceptively simple methods, I have helped a lady to heal her broken arm, a lady whose M.E. was so bad she needed care 24/7 to become rapidly whole and healed once more, and for a stroke victim paralysed down one side of his body to skip and jump a few hours later because he could. What could you achieve? What are your outcomes? and if you are not sure, maybe a life coaching session or two may help give you clarity?

However you choose to access these powerful ancient wisdoms, I wish you good fortune and many blessings.

check out the workshops and let me know where you wish to begin… or start at #1 and go from there…


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